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There is nothing worse than regretting the photographer you've chosen to capture your wedding day. It's a once in a lifetime event that will never be repeated and it should be captured in the most outstanding way! Your love story shall be celebrated and never forgotten. There is nothing more priceless than having breathtaking photographs to look back on from your wedding day for years to come. Are you ready to do what it takes to achieve these results?

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Your wedding is the beginning of a new chapter together, a new era alongside your partner.

This day is only the start of two beautiful souls coming together into one. Whether your future looks like buying a new house, having children or traveling the world together, the day when the "marriage" chapter began should be captured forever in everlasting photographs.

I would like to emphasize that I am not "just like everybody else!" Weddings are stressful as is, there's no point in having to worry whether or not your photographer will capture all the important moments and details. I work stress-free, fast-paced, passionately and efficiently. I can say with certainty that not only will I be your wedding photographer, I will take my time to build a relationship with you prior to the wedding date. It is important to book a photographer who's work you love, trust and confide in. If the relationship is there, the work will speak for itself. Nothing is more worth your token than a lifetime of memories captured on that one special day.

Becoming a part of my couples' lives is one of my absolute favorite aspects of what I do and I cannot wait to become a part of your big day! Contact me today and schedule a coffee date or Zoom call to discuss your wedding day details. I can't wait to get started!

Your Photographer,

Paola A. Rivera

It's All In The Details...

Details make a world of a difference.

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Our Packages

premium, Deluxe, Standard or Destination

Wedding Packages


Starting at $1,795

- 10 Hours of Wedding Photography Coverage
- 600 Professionally Edited Wedding Day Photos
- 30 Minute Engagement Session with 15 photos
- Pre-Wedding Consultation
- Digital Download Gallery Link
- 15% off Wedding Album (Starts at $600 Value)


Starting at $1,595

- 8 Hours of Wedding Photography Coverage
- 400 Professionally Edited Wedding Day Photos
- 30 Minute Engagement Session with 15 photos
- Pre-Wedding Consultation
- Digital Download Gallery Link
- 10% off Wedding Album (Starts at $600 Value)


Starting at $1295

- 6 Hours of Wedding Photography Coverage
- 200 Professionally Edited Wedding Day Photos
- Pre-Wedding Consultation & Meeting
- Digital Download Gallery Link


Price varies, Contact Us

Have a place outside of Orlando in mind for your special day? Whether it's out of city, out of state or out of country, I do it all! I absolutely love to travel and would love to speak with you about further details! Contact me today for more details!

*Financing is Available Upon Request*


Taxes are excluded from the prices shown on this page

Become the priority:

Quick Delivery

ONLY $399 Extra

Do you need your photos delivered to you at a faster rate than the typical 5-7 weeks? For a small additional expense, your photographer will take the time to prioritize your photos above all else! This gives your photos a delivery date of only 2 weeks!

Don't forget to mention you are interested in this incredible add-on!

Wedding Add-ons

Anything extra you may need to bedazzle your special day just a little more...


Content Creator

Want videos of your wedding day, but don't have the budget to hire a videographer? A content creator may just be it for you! The perfect add on for any couple looking to remember their big day in raw detail. All videos are delivered without editing and completely raw. Videos are filmed on an iPhone in cinematic mode. You can do as you please with the videos, such as posting them on social media and adding your own music behind them! The content creator & photographer work together, meaning that you must hire the content creator for the same amount of hours as the photographer on your wedding day.


  • 6 HOURS: $285
  • 8 HOURS: $315
  • 10 HOURS: $375

Post-Wedding Adventure Session

Starting at $295

Want a beautiful stress-free session with your partner AFTER your wedding? Whether it's on a hike or in water, we can make it happen!

Add a 90 minute Adventure Session where we can create mind blowing photos in your wedding attire!

Photo Album

starting at $595

Imagine owning a breathtaking photo album to look at over and over again for the rest of your life. An album depicting the most beautiful day of your entire life...

There is nothing more beautiful than a swift reminiscence of your wedding day!

Extra Shooting Hours

Starting at $145/hour

Already have the highest package and want more shooting hours? No problem, I am all for it! Each additional hour adds 35 photos to your final delivery! Contact me to add it on to your package!

*Will shoot a maximum
of 3 additional hours*

Canvases & Prints

Price Varies

Imagine admiring an astonishing piece of art on your wall every single day. Envision it being just you and your spouse on the most memorable day of your lives. Nothing beats that!

Your wedding day deserves to be treasured for an eternity!

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes!! 100% YES! I am a total travel nerd! Travelling for photography would only be combining my two favorite passions, travel and photography! Contact me today to go over more personalized details for your special event!

Can I add to my wedding package later on?

You absolutely can! Package add ons or upgrades are available at any point during the process! Just come to me about it and we can go over further details!

Do you give out raw images?

I do not! I actually spend a long time editing each and every photo, therefore raw images are not delivered to the customer! I would also highly appreciate it if filters weren't added over my edits when posted on social media!

How can I book a session with you?

Just contact me with what package you are interested in and I will set you right up! Non-refundable deposits are required for all sessions. The amount is due in full exactly 1 week before the session for family, birth & maternity sessions. For weddings & elopements, the full amount is due exactly 1 month before the wedding date.

Do you heavily edit your photos?

No, I do not! I love ensuring there is an all natural look with slight enhancement, therefore, I do not greatly edited small details, such as chins, waist lines, etc. The only thing that will be smoothed out for a professional look is the skin. I believe everyone is beautiful as they are and it is all about finding the right angles and positions! It is just not my style of photography to alter someone's natural beauty!

Are your photos watermarked?

No, they are not! Only the public access gallery is watermarked, however, the private download pin you receive will allow you to download your photos watermark-free! I simply request that you tag my page on any social media posts you make!!