Why Consider A Spontaneous Beach Elopement Instead Of A Wedding?

Not All weddings need to be big


Written by: Paola A. Rivera [Photographer]

Why Elope?

Let's be for real, not all weddings need to be giant, lavish events. Maybe the thought of you having to celebrate amongst a lot of people gives you stress or makes you feel uneasy. Maybe you don't have a lot of people you would willingly invite to your big wedding or you may have the means to host one, even if you wanted to. Whatever the reason may be, you are looking for something not as big as a wedding, but also not as simple as simply going to the local courthouse. If this is you, you've landed in the right page! My name is Paola and I photograph anything from weddings to families to babies and even as you may have guessed... ELOPEMENTS!!

Photography By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

The Benefits

Seriously though! There are so many benefits to hosting an intimate elopement! I can truthfully say that as much as I do love photographing big weddings, there is something so special and unique about these elopements that makes them so much more enjoyable to photograph. Seeing these couples being genuinely in love and not caring what anybody thinks about them is all I am here for! The best part is that eloping means...

  • Not having to worry about your guest list (and if you've ever tried to plan a wedding, you'd know this is the most stressful part of all!!)
  • You get to eliminate the entire word STRESS (eloping means you get to do things on your own terms and you don't have to worry about planning or thinking about anything, not even finding vendors- except your photographer, of course!
  • You get to do things the way YOU want to!
  • Nobody gets to tell you what to do on YOUR day!
  • You don't have to listen to other people's opinions or judgement on your love
  • Let's be real... it costs wayyyyy less money! LIKE WAY LESS!!

All you need is an officiant, witnesses and a photographer. Oh, and let's not forget a beautiful location! Then you're all set and ready to elope. No stress, no worry, just love!

Photography By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

Should I Travel to Elope?

Honestly speaking, why not travel?! If you're not going to have the big wedding, you may want to splurge on a beautiful elopement destination. Now that doesn't mean it even has to be far from where you live. For example, this lovely couple who chose to have a beach elopement lives over in Orlando, Florida, meaning that Cocoa Beach is only about an hour to an hour and a half drive away. Though they may not have traveled out of the state or even out of the country for their elopement, them doing it at the beach gave the photos that extra spark it needed! This doesn't mean that local elopements aren't beautiful too, but finding the wonders in nature or the scenery around you is a great way to "escape reality" without having to go too far! (This is, of course, if you don't have the means to go somewhere farther away from home. If you're able to book that plane ticket, take this as your sign and DO IT!!)

Photography By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

Making Your Elopement Spontaneous

Adding that extra touch of adventure and laughter is key to some of the most incredible elopement photos (and memories!) This lovely couple was brave enough to actually get in the water during their session and it couldn't have been more worth it! Sometimes the memories are truly worth so much more than any piece of clothing. Though the adventure wasn't planned, the couple took my suggestion as a photographer and they actually had so much fun splashing each other and playing around like kids. Having them "play" together actually made the photos come out super candid and natural. I was able to spontaneously capture their natural and contagious laughter, which was all worth it for me! (and yes- I got JUST as soaked as they did during the session, but anything for a good shot!)

Photography By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

Elopements Don't Mean Short

A lot of people associate the word "elopement" with a quick and short ceremony, but that is sooooo not true! I actually offer elopement packages of 2, 4 & 6 hours for this exact same reason! An elopement can and will be treated like a wedding day. The only difference is that there are no other guests to worry about, which is an ultimate plus and the day feels more intimate. A lot of couples even like to hit multiple locations, which is fun and actually makes their photos come out so much more beautiful. Now this doesn't mean you have to be actively taking pictures for all this time. This means your photographer can follow you along on adventures you choose to do throughout the day, such as a beach day, ice skating, hiking, painting, bike riding, visiting the natural springs, theme parks... the list goes on! There are so many things you could do on your elopement day along with your photographer, so don't limit yourself to just a quick session.

Photography By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

An Elopement Makes YOU The Priority

Let's face it, there is A LOT of drama surrounding weddings. Whether this be with your family or friend groups, the drama is real! Eloping allows you to prioritize you and your fiance on your big day. No more worrying about what Mom or Aunt Karen may be thinking. It's all about you and them and the love that you've developed for one another.

Photography By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

Are Elopements Better than Weddings?

Don't get me wrong, I do love weddings, but elopements just have such an intimate feel that big weddings simply don't. I don't believe that there is a right or wrong answer to this question. Each to their own and weddings vs elopements are two completely different experiences. I think each bride should do what their heart tells them to, so really do what YOU want. Not what the internet or anybody else around you is suggesting for you to do. Both experiences are just as beautiful and just as magical in their very own unique way! And hey- some brides really do want the whole big wedding thing! After all, you only get married once!



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