The Most Beautiful Wedding Venue In Orlando

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Written by: Paola A. Rivera [Photographer]

Have you heard of Bella Cosa?

Any photographer in the Orlando area will make it known that Bella Cosa is just about the most beautiful wedding venue you could shoot at. It's big, lavish, mystical and rustic all at once. You can imagine how ecstatic I was to learn that I would be photographing a wedding at this very location! I couldn't have been more excited! Seriously though! If you're getting married & have the budget for it, this is the most beautiful wedding venue of all time!

Photographed By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

Getting Ready in the Bridal Suite.

This bride's photographs came out absolutely STUNNING to say the least! My favorite part of the bridal suite was how much natural light there was. Any photographer will tell you that natural light is the way to go! The white curtains and crisp cream details in this room gave this bride an all time advantage to the most beautiful bridal photos ever! Let's not forget to mention just how drop dead gorgeous she looked on her big day!

Why Choose All White For Your Wedding?

I know a lot of brides like to throw in other colors for decoration and such on their big day, but I actually appreciated the "all white" look this bride was going for. It looked clean, modern and simply breathtaking. It made her big day look so peaceful and the photos couldn't have come out any more aesthetically pleasing!

Photographed By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

You Need Help On Your Wedding Day!

Honestly speaking, I think what helped this bride's big day go so smoothly was her support system. Having her sisters there helping her get ready & family support to get her what she needed was the ultimate recipe to a smooth day. I know a lot of brides feel like they need to do everything on their own [you may be one of them], but know that it is so important to delegate simple tasks on this day, so you can avoid being so stressed out. I think giving yourself the opportunity to lay back and relax a little will help keep the nerves down as much as you can. And we alllll know this is one nerve wracking day!

Bella Cosa Wedding Venue

Photographed By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

Photographed By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

Photography Opportunities You Can't Miss At Bella Cosa

There's so much going on this day all at once that it can sometimes be overwhelming and you may not remember everything you want to remember. Be sure to discuss with your photographer beforehand all of these shots they simply cannot miss! Some of these {not so typical spots} may include:

  • Group Shots in the bridal suite with the bridal party (before & after dressing up)
  • Try having the "First Look" or "First Touch" in the bridal suite
  • Couples photos in the arches

Photographed By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

First Look...

A Jewish Ceremony

This was my first time photographing a full on Jewish wedding from head to toe and I absolutely LOVED it! For starters, the bride was Venezuelan and the groom was Jewish, so it was truly beautiful watching two completely different cultures come together for the both of them on this big day. Before the ceremony, they handed out cream colored kippahs for everyone to wear, so everyone could match. Prior to the ceremony, the rabbi spoke to the couple privately for over an hour to an hour and a half or so. After that he married the couple and performed Jewish rituals. All in all, the ceremony couldn't have come out any more beautiful!

Photographed By: Paola Rivera {Everlasting Captures Photography}

Let's Not Forget About The Party!

The best part of a wedding is always the after party! And let me tell you, this crowd KNEW how to party! The DJ set upn his sound system outside and the best part of this venue is that it is so far away from society (it is outside of Orlando), that they could party as loud as they wanted to and not have to worry about a soul around them. This couple even hired a fire dancer to perform and it was so cool to watch! They definitely went all out for their big day and it was totally worth it! Oh, what gorgeous pictures they got in return!

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